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US-D398896-S: Vehicle wheel patent, US-D410459-S: Portable radiotelephone housing patent, US-D447447-S: Tire tread patent, US-D455516-S: Lighting fixture patent, US-D493722-S: Watch holding device patent, US-D499694-S: Automobile tire patent, US-D501725-S: Cleaning implement patent, US-D522064-S: Adhesive printable skin for a portable electronic device patent, US-D531173-S: Antenna element patent, US-D617759-S: Handset patent, US-D632289-S: Handheld electronic device skin patent, US-D638105-S: Tub for bathing patent, US-D662918-S: Transceiver assembly patent, US-D662983-S: Pen patent, US-D671135-S: Display screen with transitional graphical user interface patent, US-D674209-S: Seat frame patent, US-D676320-S: Fluid dispenser patent, US-D681240-S: Vehicle taillight patent, US-D729052-S: Captive screw patent, US-D729119-S: Seat belt buckle patent, US-D730340-S: Case for electronic device patent, US-D762265-S: Dart board patent, US-D809360-S: Pliers patent, US-D243521-S: Car body patent, US-D257005-S: Digital award encasing wristwatch patent, US-D259828-S: Belt buckle patent, US-D280158-S: Etagere patent, US-D337847-S: Floor lamp patent, US-D486017-S: Table patent, US-D509267-S: Boy toy figure patent, US-D524357-S: Musical symbol patent, US-D607787-S: Vehicle grille patent, US-D701839-S: Electrical card-edge connector patent, US-D719884-S: Door pad patent, US-D735125-S: Sidewall marking for a vehicle tire patent, US-D757231-S: Faucet spout patent, US-D791714-S: Front panel for a circuit card with handles and screen patent, US-D308517-S: Magnetic disk controller for electronic computers patent, US-D439612-S: Confectionary pen patent, US-D474453-S: Television receiver patent, US-D493150-S: Remote device patent, US-D512586-S: Table with angled legs patent, US-D718267-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D742314-S: Control unit module for train patent, US-D773963-S: Vehicle grill patent, US-D790720-S: Spa shell patent, US-D793586-S: LED retrofit bulb patent, US-D384315-S: Tire tread patent, US-D449313-S: Mower element patent, US-D480542-S: Footwear upper patent, US-D526195-S: Closure patent, US-D641002-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D642151-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D718261-S: TV receiver patent, US-D738466-S: Electromagnetic valve patent, US-D745093-S: Gaming machine with a top box patent, US-D754285-S: Washing apparatus patent, US-D759578-S: Tire for automobile patent, US-D775307-S: Traps, articles for pest killing patent, US-D785478-S: Blinking pedestrian crosswalk sign patent, US-D802277-S: Boot upper patent, US-D329772-S: Openwork design for seat backs patent, US-D433255-S: Desk patent, US-D460495-S: Magnifier and light attachment for portable electronic or computing device patent, US-D464403-S: Sanitary faucet patent, US-D472298-S: Housing portion for a water treatment unit patent, US-D524190-S: Automotive exterior patent, US-D676741-S: Cigarette pack patent, US-D681445-S: Cigarette pack patent, US-D740840-S: Display screen having a graphical user interface patent, US-D749558-S: Personal digital device mount with holder patent, US-D793140-S: Chair back frame patent, US-D433663-S: Vehicle glove box organizer patent, US-D442841-S: Folding knife patent, US-D530437-S: Light bar patent, US-D640658-S: Communication device patent, US-D654044-S: Mobile phone patent, US-D660279-S: Handheld electronic device patent, US-D667713-S: Extendable automatic tire wrench patent, US-D690292-S: Phone skin cover patent, US-D737776-S: Connector patent, US-D788129-S: Display screen with animated graphical user interface patent, US-D791398-S: Lighting device patent, US-D363576-S: Utensil drainer patent, US-D470801-S: Side portion of a motorcycle rocker box patent, US-D481215-S: Seat frame patent, US-D525420-S: Portion of a shoe upper patent, US-D528499-S: Tire tread patent, US-D628614-S: Wildlife scouting camera patent, US-D650793-S: Display screen with an animated position indicator icon patent, US-D735356-S: Square post extrusion for mounting panels patent, US-D755587-S: Egg peeler patent, US-D772337-S: Printer patent, US-D321096-S: Chaise lounge patent, US-D398753-S: Shoe upper patent, US-D644469-S: Lotion pump patent, US-D740104-S: Shower panel guide patent, US-D761288-S: Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface patent, US-D774822-S: Dispenser patent, US-D624584-S: Toner cartridge patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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